b l o vv n


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the big master I love this album because it is simultaneously hopeless and hopeful Favorite track: b l o vv n.
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released August 22, 2014



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OVVN California


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Track Name: b l o vv n
hone your desirable traits, expression and impressions.
i know the shortest distance between two points is a straight white male.
i try not to breathe, sunlight corners me.
i can't help but breed; gay.
the last time this happened i almost fell in luck/hung it up.
Track Name: n o s h a d e
you've grown older/colorful.
to breathe is not what makes you/to bleed is.
higher resume, lower self esteem.
hide where no one can judge you.
it gets weaker with failure.
what you can't control makes you whole.
sympathetic bursts
diarrhetic thirst
hide where no one can judge you
Track Name: t h e c i t y
what makes a city beautiful / / makes a life worth making up?
it's shit.
what makes a grown man ugly / / drives his children to adopt?
his (w)hole.
prescience of mind and body / / make believe you want it.
a feeling of pleasure / / a guilt that never felt so used.
a second chance to be a failure / / lessons i've forgotten.
diligence, another chance to feel abused.
Track Name: t h e c r u s t
the outstretched palm that no one sees.
i'm not omniscient.
carrying coins to potential vignettes of misunderstanding.
you can't honestly...
Track Name: t h e l a k e
we found the lake just the same
frozen fast though it was
stuck out like a cumstain
we thought as we thawed
depression rose out of our sundries
we unpacked it as we thought